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Janne Kerttula is an entrepreneur and contractor engaged in greenery works in the parks of the city of Raahe. For this work, he needs a safe and efficient bush cutter that allows him to cut down bushes with minimal damage to the surroundings. The new technology in the JAK bush cutter, based on the JAK spiral cutting system, attracted his attention, and the clean cutting result sealed the deal for him.

“When working in the parks in a town or city, safety is the top priority, as the works often take place in areas where there are passers-by around. In gardens and at roadsides, stones flying around pose a significant hazard. Therefore, I was looking for a bush cutter that does not mow like a chain mulcher, and one that does not throw materials around. I also considered other options, but for cutting hedges this was the best alternative, thanks to the cutting result that is as clean as if it had been cut with scissors.

I was not familiar with the JAK bush cutter, and its method of operation attracted my interest. The JAK bush cutter could be attached to the 5-ton crawler excavator that I use. I was surprised by the performance of the cutter at a low power consumption.

I first acquired a spiral bush cutter with one blade, but I soon switched to a larger option that allows working on wider areas quickly. Just recently I was working on an 18-metre wide zone that I managed to cut in one go. The lightweight cutter also makes it possible to work from a distance.

Janne Kerttula

Precision even in challenging spots

For me, the JAK bush cutter is a precision tool that allows me to perform certain work phases easily and efficiently. In addition to parks, I have used it in forests for cutting willow thickets. The bush cutter is ideal for felling trunks that are not harvested.

The JAK bush cutter reaches even tight and delicate spots, making it easy to thin a tree stand precisely. It is even suitable for working on steep trenches and slopes, as well as near bodies of water. The work can be performed safely by reaching from a safe distance with the machine.

The cutting results achieved with the JAK bush cutter are unparalleled. My wife, who is a gardener, also approves of the device after seeing the excellent condition and good growth of the bushes in our garden after they were cut using it.

Janne Kerttula

New opportunities for contractors

I recommend the JAK bush cutter to those who perform versatile tasks, such as contractors working in urban parks and property management companies. For me, the bush cutter has opened up new work opportunities as it allows for taking care of the regular maintenance of trenches and hedges quickly and easily. I am convinced that the number of these contracts will increase as the customers’ supervisors realise the full potential of the device. The bush cutter based on the spiral cutting system beats the brush saw hands down.”